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Rate management or lose profit?

story 1Don’t you just love it? There was a time that a sandwich came with exciting fillings; sometimes sweet, sometimes savoury, and opening the bag at lunch time beheld many surprises. How many layers do we have today you might have pondered? A double decker, a triple decker, a Club?

7 reasons your staff need the help of a channel manager

hotel staffAcross the hospitality and travel industry, technology continues to transform the way people do business.

Use different ads for different audiences

tambourineCreate different retargeting ads for different interests for maximum exposure and impact.

How boutique hotels win versus big box brands

AdobeStock 111303308In today’s world, where travellers are willing to invest in whatever is remarkably authentic and local, boutique hotels are coming out on top.

Three secrets your hotel booking engine is dying to tell you

8Your booking engine is more than a place of transaction or a page for your guests to check prices, room types and availability. Your hotel’s booking environment also holds a goldmine of free data, but only if you take the time to unearth it.

Making your hotel the go-to resource for meetings and events planners

tambourineWant to know how to position your hotel as the authority for meetings and events in your destination?

This is how hotels make their OTA addiction worse

Dollarphotoclub 101033815The cycle of OTA dependence is all too real and aggravating. But, it’s time to face the facts. It’s your fault, not the OTAs, if an OTA-driven guest doesn’t come back and book direct the next time around.

Why you shouldn’t be scared of Airbnb

airbnbAt the mention of Airbnb, you might shudder as you feel a sense of anxiety sweep over you, as an accommodation provider.

Finding value in travel transactions the number one challenge for travel managers

Dollarphotoclub 22942699 copy 5Travel payment provider AirPlus International has suggested that travel managers are under increasing pressure to find value in travel transactions, at the recent CAPA/ACTA Sydney Corporate Travel Day Summit.

The US vs. Europe: how are hoteliers embracing hotel technology?

US vs EU facebook imageProperty management system, internet booking engine, a channel manager, central reservation system, and revenue management system – all perfect examples of the hotel technology that hoteliers should be using to get ahead of the competition and manage their operations.

What would you do with $5,000 extra in marketing budget?

tambourine 3Even after crafting a well-thought out marketing strategy, getting creative with resources and watching obsessively over every marketing dollar, it’s still common to wish your hotel marketing budget was more flush with cash.

How to use Instagram to promote your hotel and attract guests

tumblr inline o6za6rPpyd1qm4rc3 540Instagram is one of the most effective social media marketing platforms available to hotel owners in today’s social and digital environment.

One simple booking engine tweak you don’t want to miss

bookingToday marks the launch of our fun, new way to boost your hotel marketing efforts, featuring one easy, free hotel marketing idea that you can implement immediately to drive more direct bookings.

How to leverage your PMS data to increase direct bookings

pmsPersonal customer service has always been vital for the hospitality industry.

The science of supply and demand: is your hotel maximising room revenue?

siteminderThe theory of supply and demand is one of the fundamental principles of economics.

Three things hotel marketers can learn from Uber

tambourine 1Over the last 10 years, industry disruptors have rocked the business world in ways we’ve never seen before, and leading the charge is disruption’s poster child, Uber.

Millennial marketing trends for small hotels

little hotelier 2Millennials love to travel, particularly because they place value on authentic experiences versus stuff that can be purchased and collected.