Sunday, 14 February 2016


On Valentine’s Day: hotel marketers reveal what they love (and hate) about their jobs

tambourine imageEven on our worst days, we can all wholeheartedly admit: we've got it good.

The extraordinary value of the repeat guest

AN 84 wk2 navisWhat if, in addition to looking at the cost of acquiring new guests, hotels considered the benefit of repeat guests more carefully? Repeat guests are exponentially more prized than new guests.

Why are hotels so hitched to the wedding business?

AN 84 wk1b tambourineWeddings are not only joyous and blissful bashes for couples in love. They're a big reason for hoteliers to celebrate as well.

Are you a hotel marketing groundhog?

AN 84Next week is Groundhog Day According to the tradition, a clairvoyant groundhog in Pennsylvania named "Punxsutawney Phil" cautiously emerges from his cosy hideout each year.

Big data is worthless: how to transform reviews from big data into something useful

AN 83 wk5b big dataBig data—in its current form, at least—is dead to me, I know this is a strong statement in a world seemingly powered by the concept, but companies simply are not using big data properly, rendering it useless for driving change and increasing revenue.

Fall or fail: travel marketers need these 3 numbers to fall…or else!

An83 wk5 tambourineWhether you're a hotel marketer, a DMO or CVB, there are three numbers you want to fall. If these numbers don't fall... occupancy and visitation may fall as a result:

How to screen potential OTAs

AN83-wk4b otasSmall accommodation providers can benefit greatly from OTAs, using them to attract global guests.

Want more bookings? Get chatty

AN 83-WK4B tambourineToday, people are busier than ever and expect instant gratification in every aspect of their lives. From texting to Facebook messaging to Amazon Prime, speedy interaction is now the gold standard of modern business.

A picture is worth a thousand bookings

AN 83 wk4 tambourineThe days of simply selling "product" (rooms or meeting spaces) are long gone. In its place is a requirement for hotel marketers to start selling the experience!

Hotel marketer’s 10 most popular new year’s resolutions

AN83 wk3 nyeBased on feedback from your peers, here are the 10 most popular new year's resolutions from hotel marketers around the globe.

How to manage your B&B’s online reputation across the web

AN83 wk3 little hotelierMany of your guests find your property online. Do you know what kind of first impression you leave them with?

Metasearch: Your secret weapon to take on the OTAs and fuel direct bookings

metasearch-demand-direct-bookings-thumbnail2015 is shaping up as the year of travel metasearch.

Why are so many flagged hotels taking marketing into their own hands?

An 82 wk4 tambourineAs a property flying a global brand flag – such as Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham or Best Western – you're fortunate to have a respected reputation behind you.

Aligning with a recognised brand

An 82 wk3b franchiseThe decision to become a franchisee is a difficult one for any independent accommodation provider as it is fraught with the unknown and has many sides to consider.

How to promote your hotel using local events

fresh-contentBack in November 2011, Google introduced an algorithm change to ensure their search results are "fresher"

Hotel sales pros use psychological weapons to close more business #Part2

AN 82 wk3 tambourineLast week we covered the first three (of six) psychological triggers that hotel sales executives can use to influence prospect decision-making.

Front-desk team is crucial to hotel marketing

AN 82 wk3b front deskThe front-desk staff always has played an important role in the success of a hotel by creating positive first impressions. Nowadays, however, these staff members are key players in hotel marketing.