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Saturday, 30 April 2016


Four ways to compete against new properties in your market

tambourine 2 1It’s a nightmare that way too many hoteliers can relate to: an already saturated market being bombarded with new hotels left and right, each with shiny new technology, the comfiest beds in all the land and thousands of square feet of meeting space to entice even your most loyal annual groups.

10 things I’ve learned in 25 years of hotel marketing

tambourine hsWhen Jim Zito started in hotel marketing, the internet was still a few years away, most marketing campaigns were printed and Milli Vanilli was up for a Grammy. After 25 years in the industry, Jim has seen the rise and fall of many hotel marketing tactics, tools and techniques. So, we asked him for the ten most important lessons he's learned over his impressive career. Here's what he told us:

You can’t afford to miss these Facebook tips and tricks for small hotels

little hotelier 3Facebook is more than just a popular social networking site, it's a necessary resource for small hotels looking to expand their business and increase their bookings. And as a bed and breakfast, you need to develop a Facebook profile that helps you to get found by your potential guests.

Are you taking advantage of OTAs?

daveThe level of polarisation between those for and against using Online Travel Agents (OTAs) astounds me. It seems OTAs are either regarded as knights on white chargers who have come to save the day or the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

The painful truth about hotel SEO (part 2)

Tambourine 2This is the second and final instalment in our two-part series on the massive upheaval in hotel SEO best practices.

6 ideas to manage your small hotel’s reputation in the online world

little hotelier 2Recent surveys of business model investments, be it in the hospitality sector or business, large or small scale, the largest sum of money has been channelised to reputation management online.

Cashed up, time rich – the travelling senior

MTRDid you know, that in our life time, we will never see another demographic that has as much disposable cash to spend and as much free time than our current seniors?

Local tourism marketing: the low hanging fruit

localDid you know that shopping and eating at restaurants/cafés are consistently rated in the top three activities that people partake in during a holiday or vacation?

Forget daylight savings: start saving on these 4 hotel marketing costs

tambourineWhile some might be celebrating their extra hours of sunlight because of Daylight Saving Time, now's the perfect time for smart hotel marketers to make their costs lighter as well.

How does lobby design affect hotel performance?

AN 85 wk2 tambourineWe're often asked: what's the single most important aspect of hotel marketing?

How a pub-hotel raises awareness of the ‘hotel’ side of the business

AN 85 wk1b little hotelierFor many pubs that also offer accommodation, the hardest part is advertising the accommodation side of the business.

Hoteliers say distribution and online marketing need urgent attention

In partnership with Dr Peter O'Connor and Revinate, SiteMinder has released a whitepaper showing that when it comes to distribution and online marketing, the three most critical needs of hoteliers are:

5 more ways your hotel booking engine is pushing people out the door

An 84 wk5 tambourineThe push to shift from dependency on OTAs and increase direct bookings has inspired hotels of all sizes to spend billions on driving traffic to their own website and call centres.

Travellers refuse to book accommodation if images are poor quality

AN 84 wk4b online photography hirumA recent study by hotel app provider Eviivo was undertaken to test the theory of whether travellers are actually influenced by the quality of images accommodation providers add on their website.

Does your hotel have a story?

AN 84 wk4b tambourineThere's nothing as captivating as a good story. A story that lures you in, gets you engaged and compels you to do something.

How a luxury estate ramped up its online presence with all-in-one solution

AN 84 wk4b little hotelierRunning a small hotel comes with a lot of responsibility. On a daily basis, it usually means that you are responsible for way more than the large, chain hotels are.

On Valentine’s Day: hotel marketers reveal what they love (and hate) about their jobs

tambourine imageEven on our worst days, we can all wholeheartedly admit: we've got it good.