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How your roof can cost you less time and money

roofingAustralia's $6 billion hotel and resort industry has a lot of potential, but it's also one that's growing increasingly competitive. IBISWorld says that the sector is expanding by 3.3 per cent every year, as more businesses join the hundreds already set up on our shores.

Preventive maintenance vs reactive maintenance

Paint CansA key benefit of preventive maintenance is to preserve and enhance the life cycle of a property before the passage of time and weather elements wear it out.

Extend the paint life on your building

Painting Maintenance ProgrammesPainting maintenance programs are not unique in the concept of maintaining buildings and structures.

Curing water hammer in plumbing systems

Plumbing WrenchI am often asked what causes water hammer, what is a backflow device and what is a TMV valve for those who do not know here is a brief description.

Now is The Time to Repair Your Pool

AN37-3-mgt-feature-pools1For many accommodation providers the upcoming winter season provides the perfect time for refurbishing of swimming pools, especially a major renovation where the pool needs to be drained.